Andrew McKee Design Portfolio


Melissa Hitzke
Brand and Product Development Manager at Enesco

"Andrew has breadth of knowledge regarding the Creative Process as it relates to Product Development, Design, Project Management and Branding. I worked closely with Andrew in developing product life cycle strategies, product line plans, product artwork and marketing materials. I could depend on Andrew to brainstorm unique ideas, juggle multiple projects and prioritize urgent requests. Andrew is a passionate creative with an eye for detail and regard for shared successes making him an asset to any projects or team."

Gabriela Docekal
Brand and Product Development at Enesco


"I had the privilege of working closely with Andrew for two years while I was at Enesco LLC. In those two years Andrew not only excelled at the core elements of a Creative Director but also managed product development for the Lolita licence brand. He was outstanding at working with cross functional teams that included my team at Enesco. Andrew was a key role in maintaining timelines and meeting deadlines for product launch. The Lolita Brand is fortunate to have such an ambitious Creative Director such as Andrew."

Stacy (Boales) Varner
Product Development at Santa Barbara Design Studio

"I had the pleasure of working with Andrew for several years when I was on the product development team at a company that was a Lolita licensee. Andrew and I were in frequent contact via email and phone calls as we worked together to develop new products, approve and revise designs, and maintain the Lolita brand integrity. Andrew's knowledge and experience of the product development process and of brand management is excellent, and his insights and decisions are based in good design practices and a strong understanding of the consumer market. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Andrew again on any project and hope that I'm able to again someday!"

Daniel Sattelmeyer
Creative Director,
Partener at Bark Bark

"I can't say enough good things about Andrew. We had the fortune of working together over the course of a few crazy months on a branded content series called Ultimate Staycation that aired on FYI and was sponsored by Pergo. 

Andrew and his wife Kate starred in the series, where we challenged them to live inside for one month without leaving and complete various adventures like taking care of unruly dogs, hosting a playdate for sugared-up kids, cooking for in-laws, and building stuff from scratch (among other things). 

He and his wife were so real and natural on camera, and the absolute nicest, most laid back people to work with – never a complaint, always game for anything, and just generally awesome all the time. Audiences could relate to them in a way that advertisers can only dream of – perfect timing, sense of humor, and down to Earth nature that's made for TV. Andrew's able to handle anything you throw at him, and his design skills are equally impressive. I'd work with him again in a heartbeat – this series would have been nothing without him."

Michael Clines
Artist, and painter
At Designs by Lolita

I’ve been working with Andrew for nearly ten years now and continue to be amazed at his level of expertise and abilities. Not only does he manhandle the day-to-day workload with ease and sophistication, he continues to challenge himself by staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. I look forward to many more years of our professional relationship."

Frank D'Agostino
VP Brand Partnerships
At A&E Television

I had the pleasure of working with Andrew on a recent branded content campaign for Pergo flooring. As we embarked on this creative project, key to the series would be finding the perfect newlywed couple. After a casting call, we stumbled upon Andrew and his wife Kate and the rest was history. Both, were great to work with and the client loved them as well. They were relaxed and easy going which made shooting with them such a great experience. What surprised me the most was how natural they were in front of the camera. This really helped save time while shooting and helped in the edit. I would highly recommend working with both Andrew & Kate in the future.

Emma Halpin
At listen360

Andrew is great to work with! When we have a new project, he is always responsive to our request, follows direction, and delivers within deadlines. He has a flair for designing with our colors and branding and we will continue to use him as a freelance graphic designer going forward. I definitely recommend him!

Monique Faella
Graphic Designer at
designs by lolitA

I truly have enjoyed the opportunity of working with Andrew for the past few years. Andrew is a strong leader who is respected by all of the employees that he manages. He is an extremely talented designer, always professional, and successful at juggling an array of projects simultaneously. He has superb communication skills, is an excellent problem solver, and did I mention that he does all of this with a smile on his face and a great sense of humor?! I admire his dedication and ambition; he’s an inspiring design professional and I hope to work with Andrew again and again!